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Okay, I know there's already a bunch in Inkwell right now, but I needed something new. The other ones are not moving or are too developed for me.

Here's my character: Nathaniel

Age: 13

Appearance: Normal looking by regualr standards, with plain brown hair and a gaunt look on his face.


Nathaniel was filled with a fiery rage. Why was it always HIM they decided was nothing special? He would show them! Nathaniel walked away from the building, not believing he had been rejected. It's not like EVERYONE can turn invisible! He filled out about fifteen applications, did one thousand pushups for them, and turn invisble. He couldn't believe they wouldn't let him into superhero school. Just because he couldn't fly.

Nathaniel didn't want to feel the rejection. He was not normal. He did not fit in with normal people. The truth that the people at Shane's Academy, also known as Superpoweed School, were telling him was that he didn't fit in with them either. He didn't fit in anywhere. He felt himslef unwittingly turn invisible and stalk down the road.


Don't feel afraid to use someone else's character or add something that doesn't really have anything to do with the plot! 

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Your post has given me an excellent idea. The next post from me may take awhile in coming, because I'm doing homework, but it is comng.

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There's two I could've been talking about:

--The Archvillan serise by Barry Lyga


POWERLESS (and SUPER) by Matthew Cody. 

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Haha! That was it! Powerless! Thank you!

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The whole breakout thing had drained me. Stopping time while using my power of energy does that to me. I'm not sure anyone realized what I had just done, but that was fine with me. Before my parents discovered their child had superpowers and was strong enough to take over the world (theoretically, I haven't tried... yet) they were spies and they always told me secrets are power. Ohh the irony. I enjoyed having secret powers, which is why when the people at Shanes thought my energy shield was a normal force field and that that was my power, I didn't correct them. I regained enough energy for my eyes to start working just in time to see cat girl being dragged down an alley and invisi boy flying off with the big creepy guy hot on his tail. What the heck? I didn't have enough energy to propel myself into the sky so I decided to go after cat girl thinking she was being re-kidnapped. I hoisted myself up and hobbled towards the alley. I hated feeling week so when a kid ran past me I took just enough energy from him to make him feel tired and replenish my dwindling supply. I couldn't do much but I managed to walk more normally with a steady pace. I saw a boy leaning over her behind some crates. Normally I would of just lifted a pinkie and sucked out all of his energy but my powers needed a break. I mustered up my energy and tackled him to the ground. I had pretty good fighting skills and he was taken by surprise so I managed to get a good hold of him and pin him to the ground. Then I realized who it was.

PS. I'll let you continue just please don't get to mad at her she's had a rough day.

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As Storm clung to my wrist, my heart lept. Freedom! Finally! My parents lived so far way and I hadn't seen them in years. I remembers when I was much younger and I used to hide in books so my mom couldn't find me wwhen it was time for my bath. I remember the day they told me all about Shane's and about how much I could grow there. To think, I might actually have a chance of seeing them again. 

Before I knew it, my feet touched down gently on a hard surface. The ground appeared to be swaying. In the gloom, I could tell we had landed on a river barge. Storm had already retracted his wings. "Do you have Inheritance?" he asked.

I smiled. "Yup, I've got the whole series. I went into Harry Potter and got a Extension Charm done on my backpack. I've got all of your books and all of mine. Some other stuff, too."

"Then let's go."

I hunted throught the bag, found Inheritance and then opened it. I cluched Storm's arm and then jumped. 

I love jumping into books. It's like flying through space and into another world. I can land just fine by myself, but other people fly too fast and end up hitting the ground hard. I looked around for Storm, but of course he was up in the air, like a dragon should be. We had landed somewhere in the north, perhaps near Du Weldenvarden. A couple minutes later, I felt the wind picking up unnaturally. A dragon was arriving. I started running towards the spot where he would land. The huge red dragon passed overhead and lit down a few hundred yards before me in a field. Storm, wings red for the occasion, landed next to the dragon and his rider, who slid off. 

I panted up to a halt just before Thron and Murtaugh. I acknowledged them with a nod.

The sun was just begining to set in this world. Apparently, we would be spending the night here. It was a logical descision, after all, Shane's Academy would no doubt be searching for two escapees, but I wasn't sure I really trusted Murtaugh. I had read the books, and he wasn't quite a plesant character. (BTW, if you are reading Eragon or are going to, this next part may contain a spoiler. If you already know who Murtaugh's father is or you don't really care, then go right on ahead.)

Murtaugh had a temporary camp in the area. He and Storm were gabbing away like old friends, which they probably were. Storm seems to know every minor villian personally. If I let him into Harry Potter for five minutes to deliver a towel to house elf, I bet he would also find time to help Death Eaters escape from Azkaban. 

After dinner, which was some kind of rabbit, I lay in a sleeping bag I had brought, pretending to be asleep. They were mostly discussing boring things about this world (I mean really, who cares about the Feldunost population on the rise?) which meant that before too long they would get tired of pretending to care about elf rebellions and would discuss some important thing that I as under no circumstances allowed to hear. And then it came.

"Why does everyone care so much about who your father is? People always act like you are bound to your father by some connection or even worse, that you need to pay back for all the things your father has done." My ears pricked up. This was Storm asking the question. I asked him once about his parents, but he had changed the subject, so I knew this was a sensitive topic.

Murtaugh spoke, "I don't know why. The father does the deeds and the child has to pay his debts. Everyone expects the child to be a copy of the father, one who will do the same."

"If the father cheats and lies and ruins families, suddnely everyone expects me to do the same."

"No one will trust you or even entertain the thought that you are different. I know what it feels like."

"We have just have rotten luck in fathers, I guess. Morzan- and Giovanni." 


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Okay, first, the book power, is SERIOUSLY cool! I'd totally go into Anne of Green Gables! Now, onward!

Brooke ~

I was leaning on the wall, praying hard for Nathaniel, when out of nowhere, the energy girl, Elexhiia, tackled John, pinning him to the ground. "Hey!" he protested, attempting to rise. "Wait," I said, attempting to get up, but the pain built up, and I fell back. Elexhiia seemed to realize it was a mistake. "Oh, it's you," she said, backing off of John. "I thought... Never mind." She sat back on her heels and stared at us. She didn't seem to be doing well either. "Sorry," she said, looking up at me. "I couldn't see him clearly, and I saw you being dragged here, so I thought..." "It's okay," I wheezed. I looked back up at Nathaniel, who was still battling Giovanni. "We've got to do something," I said. But no matter how I tried, the pain wouldn't allow me to get up. Then a thought struck me. "John, Elexhiia, you might be able to use your powers to help! John, could you start talking in Giovanni's head, confuse him? And Elexhiia, could you take the energy from his jetpack?" The two looked at each other, then John nodded. "I can try." I could tell Elexhiia was weak and struggled to do much of anything, but she nodded resolutely. The two turned their attention to Giovanni. A moment later, I could tell it was working. Giovanni had reached out in attempt to grab Nathaniel, when he jerked to a stop. He got a confused expression, then shouted; "Stop that!" Then his jetpack started to sputter. Elexhiia's eyes were closed, her hands outstretched. It continued to start, then stop, then start he again. He lost altitude. Nathaniel helped by making small jabs at Giovanni. Suddenly, the jetpack drained all together, and Giovanni crashed to the ground.

And here I stop. For whoever to pick up.

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Which will be me.


It felt great.

Other than the fact the Giovanni was trying to get him, Nathaniel felt as though this was one of the greatest moments in his life.

He was flying.

Of course, he couldn't hold up forever. Giovanni's jetpack almost worked as well as Nathaniel's own powers, and Nathaniel had narrowly escaped many times. Nathaniel glnaced down at the ground, and there was John, Brooke (now conscious), and... Elexhiia! Are they trying to do something to help? Nathaniel wondered. Both John and Elexhiia were intensly staring at Giovanni. They must be! 

The proof was with the pudding when Giovanni's jetpack sputtered to a stop and he started falling. The jetpack started back up, but Giovannie was losing altitude. Fast.

Nathaniel tried to help by making small jabs at Giovanni. The jetpack died for the last time, and Giovanni tumbled towards the ground.


Nathaniel had shut his eyes, expecting the blow. When Giovanni did hit the ground, he winced. Nathaniel did not like Giovanni (Okay, maybe I didn't put that strongly enough), but that must've hurt.

He deserves that, Nathaniel reminded himself, for all the hurt he has caused. 

As Nathaniel drifted back down to the ground, he couldn't help but feeling a slight nausea in his gut, as though they'd gotten the wrong person. 


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Nathaniel landed right next to us. John said something but I ignored him. In all my life I had never killed someone. Even with my power I had learned at a young age that murder is the ultimate evil. My family had no religion, but they still taught me that. Looking at the big mans disfigured body made me want to cry in a corner. I knew I should have been happy that we defeated him but I had the urge to rewind time and stop myself from killing him. The emotional build up was triggering my powers and I quickly calmed my self down before I take us all 50 years in the past. I noticed everyone was looking at me.


"Sorry," said cat girl. "We just still don't know who you are."


Cat girl blushed.

"I was thinking more like a personal description."

"I'm 16. I control..." I paused. My powers had always been a secret and I wasn't sure I was ready for a change. "Never mind, sorry I don't really know you guys so..."

"I'm Brooke. I can become any creature."

"I'm Nathaniel. I can become invisible and I can fly."

I'm John. I-"

"Read minds, I know"

They stared at me quizzically. Brooke spoke up.

"You're that girl!"

I nodded while Brook told them about how I had sent the mind messages.

"The truth is I'm 2888 years old. But I stopped time accidentally when I was six so I'm the equivalent of a 16 year old. I control energy which you seem to have figured out but I also control time. My hair is electric and I can transform into a freaky energy being thing. I can talk to some animals, the smarter the better. I am an orphan, this is my third time being kidnapped, I watched my entire family die, and I have no friends. Now it's your turn."

Every secret I ever had came pouring out of me as did a lot of tears and a little bit of loose magic. I fell on my knees and cried. This wasn't like me at all but here I was looking like a baby in front of everyone. I tried to stand up and wipe of my tears, but I couldn't. That's when I felt a man's bloody hand grab me.

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Ughggh! I wrote "know friends" instead of "NO friends."


I just fixed it, Tovah.


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Nathaniel had landed next to us, with Giovanni's dead body a few feet off. I felt sick, knowing knowing we'd killed him. But I was also still scared. Giovanni was dead, yet whatever was causing the pain in my body, and also causing it to slow down, because I still struggled to breath, was still activated, and I hadn't the least idea how to stop it. I looked at Elexhiia. I noticed John and Nathaniel were too, as if waiting for an explanation. "What," she asked, noticing us. "Sorry," I whispered, not able to talk much louder. "We just still don't know who you are." "Elexhiia," she answered, a little confused. I blushed, realizing I hadn't put it very well. "I was thinking something more personal." "I'm 16," she responded. "I control..." Here she stopped. Like me, she wasn't ready to tell everything. "Never mind, sorry," she said, looking at me out of the corner of her eye. "I don't really know who you guys are so... I decided it was time to take the first step, and start trusting people for once in my life. "I'm Brooke. I can become any creature." Nathaniel and John took up from there, telling about themselves. Elexhiia cut in as John was telling his power, saying he could read minds. I looked at her quizzically, then I nodded. "You're that girl." She nodded, and I proceeded to confirm our suspicions with Nathaniel and John. Elexhiia went on to explain her past, and how she'd come to be here now. "Now it's your turn." she said. Nathaniel went on to explain how his parents had powers, how he'd been rejected from Shane's because he didn't know at the time he could fly, and how he'd met John and me. John simply shrugged, said his parents also had powers, the school had accepted him because he could read minds, and left off where Nathaniel had told how we'd met. I hestitated. I'd told my name and power, which, for me, was a lot. I wasn't sure I was ready to say everything about me. I sighed. "I'm a lot like you actually," I said, looking at Elexhiia. "I'm an orphan. My parents were murdered by people like HUNT. I've lived on my own for some time. I currently live in a small shack behind a bakery, where the woman there gives two meals a day in exchange for working there part time. I've been on the run always, evading the state. I tried for Shane's but, I didn't show them the full potential of my powers, because I'm not trusting of anyone, so I kept it guarded. They rejected me. One day I saw Nathaniel leave Shane's, evidently rejected as well. He turned invisible, and I still saw him, of course. So I called to him. I don't know why exactly. I guess I could relate, and I guess I was just really alone. I'm not sure how I knew his name, but I did. And the rest goes like Nathaniel told you." Here I stopped, that bit having completely worn me out. Elexhiia broke down crying. I understood. I leaned against the wall. None of us saw it, until Elexhiia screamed. Giovanni wasn't dead. His bloody hand took hold of Elexhiia's shoulder. I don't know where I got the strength. But I did. Before John or Nathaniel could react, I sprang into cat form and lunged at Giovanni. My claws caught hold of his shoulder, and he howled in pain. Elexhiia fought too, twisting and thrashing, trying to knock Giovanni's hold off of her. Nathaniel and John jumped in, trying to knock Giovanni off balance. I held on with all my might, clawing and shrieking. But Giovanni was stronger than he looked. He managed to get his arm around Elexhiia's neck. Nathaniel, John and I continued fighting. Nathaniel flew up, trying to knock him over, or at least become distracted, and release his grip on Elexhiia. John was evidently doing a mixture of fighting with his hands and mind. I raced along him, trying to attack every available place. Suddenly, a thought struck me. I managed onto his arm and bit down hard on the hand that held Elexhiia.


Here I'll stop because this is really long and suspenseful. I decided to go ahead and have us reveal our stories before Giovanni attacked, if that's okay. Though, I couldn't think up a very interesting back story for John, so, his is rather ordinary. Sorry. Theo, you may tweak it since you made him up.

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I couldn't breath. My lungs were  on fire and I was genuinly scared. My powers were going to be dead for at lest another hour and I definately did not have that long. I felt something being jabbed into my neck. (I'm thinking I could have something sort of like the computer chip in brooke's arm.) I struggled  and tried to pry the fingers off but I couldn't. I knew what I had to do. I had to kill this sicko. I ripped my dagger off the golden necklace always around my neck. (refer to charrie description). It had been blessed  with the ability to never miss a target. That part could be taken as a curse or blessing but what made it a blessing was the fact that the one it's point penetrated would feel no pain, just death. I pictured this Giovanni guy in my head and I stabbed his arm. It wasn't a wound that would kill with a normal knife, but he was dead immediatly. A dull saddness spread through my body followed by a horrible numb feeling. I couldn't walk or talk and honestly I didn't want to. I had killed someone and I wish I hadn't. The looks of horror surounding me didn't help. My hand instinctively reached for my heart locket. It had been closed for years, not because I couldn't open it, but because I didn't want to. Inside there was a picture of my parents together holding hands and smiling not at the camera but at me as a baby. It hurt to look at it but to touch it felt warm. I had known my parents but they been killed when I was three so who knows what they would look like by now. Some part of me felt the urge to open it, as if there was some huge secret waiting for me. I felt my fingers undo the latch. I couldn't look and yet I found my head tilting down. There was no huge secret. Not as far as I'm concerned. I noticed something then. They were frowning. They looked dissapointed and proud at the same time. They weren't looking at the baby either they were looking straight forward at me! One lonely tear escaped from my eye. They weren't gone if my suspicion was correct. I smiled softly.

"What is it?" Brookes voice shattered my moment.

"Huh?" I said.

"You were staring at your locket. What is it?"

"I... I think my parents are trapped in a photograph." 

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I'm fairly tired, so this is going to come out sounding odd.

I woke up in the morning  with a pine branch stuck in my back. Ow. I sat up, to incinerate said annoying pine branch and then realized that there were no pine branchs in my bed at Shane's Academy. Come to think of it, this sure didn't look like my room in Shane's. Then I remembered. The escape. I was now on the run, looking for people to recruit into an army. Well, I had people, but I needeed to make sure they were still ready to go.

Okay, I'm going to bed. I'll finish this later. 

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PLEASE DON'T LET THIS THREAD DIE! It's my favorite. :(

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Me too! I was kinda waiting for Theo to post so...

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Sorry! I'll write a post now... I've been so busy...

Okay, I'll take off from where Elexhiia was staring at her locket. Actually, no, I'll take off from where she says that her parents are trapped in the photograph.

"I... I think my parents are trapped in a photograph."

Nathaniel couldn't help but stare at Elexhiia. It was an absurd idea... though it seemed possible.

Everything seems possible after what just happened.

And what did just happen? It seemed like a dream... but Nathaniel knew he would be awake by now. Dreams didn't last this long.

"What... what do you mean?" John finally broke the silence. "How is that even possible?"

"They were smiling before... now they're frowning," Elexhiia muttered softly.

Nathaniel processed this throughly. "If they've been trapped in a photograph, someone had to trap them there, right? So it must be possible to get them out!" Nathaniel had lived with his parents his whole life, and Brooke and Elexhiia's tales of woe, of being an orphan, made him want to never let his parents leave his sight. Ever. It seemed greedy, though. Like that would be rubbing it in. Nathaniel wantd to help Elexhiia free her parents, if it was possible, because it seemed like the right thing to do...


She had been quiet for the last few minutes. Nathaniel tried to make eye contact, but she was insisting on staring at the ground.

Nathaniel felt utterly hopeless.

Nathaniel? John interrupted his train of thought. Um, there's kind of a telepathic message for you...

Is it even possible to receive a telepathic message?

Yes, if you have a telepath like me to hook up to. Here it is...

The friendly telepathic voice of John soon changed to one low, and distant. Scary.


My last words shall not be my last thought! Yes, I am dead, not blacked out repeatly as you may have thought, Nathaniel. This is your fault, and even when I'm dead I vow to have a certain amount of control over you. Why? Because, Nathaniel, there is a prophecy. I shall not tell you it, and I vow you will never find out. Because even when I'm dead I shall stop that prophecy from happening! You will see, Nathaniel, you will see.

"That.. what.. huh..?" stuttered Nathaniel.

Brooke and Elexhiia gave him both a strange look, but John raised an eyebrow. "It was bad, wasn't it? I KNEW I should've rejected the message!"

"No, no, I'm good, I'll tell you about it later." Now Brooke and Elexhiia exchanged a look.

"Do you honestly expect us to belive you're good and everything's fine?" Brooke asked. "You look like you've seen a ghost!"

"Not seen," Nathaniel whispered. "Heard. I've heard a ghost."


And now I end the longest post of the century. 

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