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Okay, I know there's already a bunch in Inkwell right now, but I needed something new. The other ones are not moving or are too developed for me.

Here's my character: Nathaniel

Age: 13

Appearance: Normal looking by regualr standards, with plain brown hair and a gaunt look on his face.


Nathaniel was filled with a fiery rage. Why was it always HIM they decided was nothing special? He would show them! Nathaniel walked away from the building, not believing he had been rejected. It's not like EVERYONE can turn invisible! He filled out about fifteen applications, did one thousand pushups for them, and turn invisble. He couldn't believe they wouldn't let him into superhero school. Just because he couldn't fly.

Nathaniel didn't want to feel the rejection. He was not normal. He did not fit in with normal people. The truth that the people at Shane's Academy, also known as Superpoweed School, were telling him was that he didn't fit in with them either. He didn't fit in anywhere. He felt himslef unwittingly turn invisible and stalk down the road.


Don't feel afraid to use someone else's character or add something that doesn't really have anything to do with the plot! 

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Sweet! Guess that means it's my turn!

Brook/Gwen ~

I sat there, thinking, slightly dumfounded, after Giovanni left. He had left the door open, leaving no guards. Yet he knew full well that we wouldn't even consider fleeing. The last thing he'd said to me still rang in my ears. He'd evidently seen how angry I was, seeing Elexhiia like that, him describing what he would do to the other kids. He looked at me, very seriously, and said quietly; "Brooke Wendylin, that will scar. It will be a reminder of what we did, and what we can do." I felt the slash that ran completely across my face, starting at my jaw, running up, across the bridge of my nose, over my right eye, stopping just above my eyebrow. It would scar. I sighed. "Well, what do we do?" Nathaniel sighed in return. "I guess we start doing as he said. What choice do we have?" I shook my head in reply. I looked at the list. Surprisingly, the first wasn't Shane's. It was a school I'd never heard of. "This is several miles away, how do we get there?" I asked. 


Okay, again, stopping here. Sorry can't write much, been busy.

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I'll just re-write mine to accomodate yours. I'm sorry, I missed the detail that Elexhiia was in a different holding cell then Brooke and Nathaniel. So let's go! 

(Storm is still going to head out to HUNT in the same manner and is going to set fire to the power lines.)

I slipped inside the back door of HUNT and made my way for the holding cells. People ran past me, I ducked into alcoves to avoid them, but still ran into a fair amount of people. When I reached the holding cells, I gasped. The kids were free. Almost all of them. They seemed to be peering around an object in the middle. There was no time- if there were any Shane's kids I needed to get them out while the darkness still held. I would not relish another one of Dr. Mods's lectures. I could hear her grating voice in my head, reprimanding me about how it was my duty to repay for my father's mistakes and why wouldn't I try harder. 

I yelled at the kids (in a voice that was most certainly not mine, in case some HUNT employee thought it would be an excellent time to check up on the kids), "Hurry up and get out, they'll catch you if you don't hurry," and spread a small pair of wings (it was a narrow corridor) to fly above the mass of kids. The commotion in the middle appeared to be a faintly glowing girl, who I recognised to be the new girl Shane's just accepted, some kind of energy girl. I landed past the huddle, they seemed to be moving off towards to the exit, carrying the energy girl with them, and retracted the wings. I ran down the hall, checking the cells. I burst into one to see the weird kid who suggested this mission and some girl in the room. Jackpot.

They were looking at a paper of some kind, and I once I creatd a fire in my palm. I could make out three small crates in the corner. The heads turned to stare at me, wide-eyed. "It's time to escape," I snapped. And then, "What's that?" The boy answered, "The crates?" I was too skittish to answer sarcastically, "Yes, the crates! Tell me now!"

The girl wimpered, "It's bad. There are these bottles--when they're put in the electrical systems, they release this weird substance. It's supposed to stop kids' superpowers. Completely."

I was struck with a thought that hit with the force of a lightening bolt. "I know how to dispose of it. For right now, just get out!" The boy and girl ran to the door. The boy paused in the doorway for a second. "Thanks, Storm."

"Just don't take my seat," I snarled.

As soon as he vanished around the door, I ripped open the top crate and lifted out a bottle. It appeared to be glass at first, but it was actually stong plastic. I grinned. All the better. I filled my backpack with all the vials--the crates were pretty small, so they didn't carry that many.

Before I ran out the door, I examined the paper. A list of superhero schools. I could go around and plant all the vials, but that would be playing right into Giovanni's hands. I had a better idea.

I reached into my pants pocket for a pen--I always travel with one--and scribbled out a message to Giovanni: "I guess I picked up my payment a little early. Oh, and guess what? You know what they say--dragons are awfully hard to contain. Looks like you'll have to find a new messanger boy--one who isn't indebted to you!" I threw it in a crate and closed the lid.

I dashed out in the next instant. The herd of kids was gone--looks like they all escaped. I ran through the building, hiding from all empolyees, until I found the skylight. It was a small window, and high up, but I was able to shove my backpack through and clambor through myself.  Once through, I opened my wings and flew off. 

I blasted through the Shane's window so fast Catherine nearly screamed. "Hold on," I commanded. "I've got to do something quickly." I retracted my wings, and ran through the halls so fast, it was a wonder that I didn't run into anyone. I found the electrical room quickly and figured out how to get the vial inside the system. I undid the clasp on the vial--there were marked directions on how to use it--and backed out of the room. Another run through the halls and *bang* into my room.

"What's going on?" Catherine asked. "No time," I huffed and grasped her wrist. We leaped off the window sill and I let a particularly large pair of wings open, to accomodate the extra weight.

And we were off. Finally, free. And now I'm going to do something about the ones who have oppressed me my entire life. 

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Okay, I think I've finally processed what has happened. I was a little confused.


"Just don't take my seat." The words rang through Nathaniel's head as he sprinted out the door with a bunch of other superpowered children. Some people were just touchy, Nathaniel decided.

Well this is going to look odd to any random pedestrian people. Also know as the whole world.

John! Nathaniel thought.

Yes, Genius. Who else?

Nathaniel shrugged while running, which got him a few sideways glances, and the effect was lost on Jon. So your powers are working? 

Well, durr. No, but really, does no one else think it will seem a little bit concious to have, what, at least 50 kids running out of an office building in the middle of the day?

Nathaniel shook his head. No, I'm almost outside, and the sky looks dark from here. 

Hmm, was John's last comment until the buzzing stopped and he cut off.

The crowd poured out the door, like people stuck in an elevator with each other for just a little while too long, that is, if the elevator was a terrible horrid cruel elevator and they were just trying to get away from the monsters that dwelt there.

Looking up at the dark sky, lit up by city steetlights and neon adds, Nathaniel wondered how late it really was. Would his parents be worried? He stepped aside, next to the door, waiting for his friends to come out.

Brooke was out before John. She hadn't been far from Nathaniel--they had been in the same room before the outbreak after all, and had just gotten separated in the crowd. Lots of the rescue squad also stepped aside with Nathaniel, as well as Elexhiia. The last of the crowd had gone, and John was no where to be seen. He would've caught up with us, thought Nathaniel, wouldn't he? 

"Has anyone seen John?" Nathaniel asked. Shrugs. Nos. No one had seen John.

It was at that exact moment the screaming began.


Duh-duh-duh! TENSION! Okay, I know we were done with HUNT, but it was so sudden, and if you all expected me to let John come out free, well, once an idea has formed in my head, it usually stays.

But who's screaming?  Cappie thinks "Wvwc" is screaming. Who, Cappie, is THAT?!

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Okay, I shall continue the tension! Tweaking open.


I thought we were home free. We burst out the door, stampeding like wild horses. The sky was dark, and a chill lingered in the air, which was strange for August. I caught a glimpse of Nathaniel, calling John. With a chill, I realized he wasn't answering. Panic started to grip me. I spun in a cirlce, trying to see him. Suddenly, searing pain shot through me. I didn't know where from. I screamed and crumpled to the ground. The world was tinged with red, and was going black. I stared around. Kids were forming a circle around me, fear evident in their faces. I screamed again as another powerful wave shot through me. I could tell it wasn't any sort of skin surface wound. It didn't feel like that. More like it was internal. But there was one place. I felt my arm, where an insane buring feeling stung more than anywhere else. I felt a small cut there. I didn't remeber ever being cut, not recently. The pain in my whole body grew more intense. The world was going dark. I could hear heavy footsteps, kids screamed and ran. More pain. The stars were blinking out, one by one. I could hear more yelling. I wasn't sure what was happening. I wished I could help, change into a dragon, or something, anything, to fight. But all I could do was tremble on the ground and scream in pain. Finally, the world went black. The last thing I heard was Nathaniel yelling, but I couldn't tell what.

More suspence. I guess I'll explain my idea for the pain thing. I was thinking something could have been implanted, like some sort of chip. 

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Nathaniel is back! [He was taking a quick vacation I think]

Okay.. here goes nothing!


Brooke was lying on the floor, rolling around, screaming in hurtled pain and agony. Kids gathered around. "Are you okay?" Brooke seemed not to notice, and continued screaming.

"What's wrong?" whispered Nathaniel. "Does anybody know what's wrong with her? Somebody help her!"

"I know what's wrong with her." Nathaniel shuddered. He'd reconize that voice anywhere. Giovanni.

Kids ran away, yelling, knowing they were fresh prey in Giovanni's hands. Even the rescue squad was sprinting away.

"GET AWAY YOU JERK!" Nathaniel screamed at Giovanni. They had been so close... But John hadn't made it. Now Brooke. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"

"What have I done to what?"  Giovanni asked, his eyes twinkling in an evil way.

Nathaniel looked over at Brooke, who was no longer screaming. She was unconious. 

"Hey Nathaniel!" John was casually jogging out of HUNT's HQ.

"John!" Nathaniel cried in realif and panick. "Where were you?!"

I had to use the restroom, John replied telpathicly. You had to give it to John to use the restroom in the middle of a jailbreak. 

"Well, if you three will just cooperate, we won't hurt you," said Giovanni, raising an eyebrow as theough that was a perfectly normal expectation.

Nathaniel had other plans. John, cover for Brooke. I mean, Gwen. Brooke is her real name.


Because she's uncounisous and I'm going to distract them so you can get away.

It was maybe not the best plan, but it was the only one Nathaniel could think of, so he flew up, straight up, high int the air.  

"HEY!" yelled Giovanni. "GET BACK DOWN HERE!"

"COME AND GET ME!" Nathaniel shouted back.

Giovanni seemed stuck between two causes. He finnaly gave up, activated his jetpacks and went after Nathaniel.

He has jetpacks?! thought Nathaniel. No fair! 


And that's where I'll end. 

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Okay, here's what could happen next:

Nathaniel walked home after being rejected from the school, and then when he got home he made a discovery.

His dad was working in the garage!

Okay, that wasn't the discovery. The real discovery comes later. 

Nathaniel: Hey Dad what are you working on

Nathaniels Dad: Im making a Canon Connector

N: Whats that

ND: If my theory is correct there are several canons existing You know whata canon is right

N: Nope

ND: Its a world in a movie video game or book Sometimes new canons are made based off of old ones Like how there are several Star Wars canons

N: I dont get it

ND: See there are the Star Wars movies but many TV shows and video games and novels have been made out of Star Wars so actually there are several diffrent canons out there where the stuff in the movies happens and then diffrent things can happen after those events based on the novels and TV shows

N: So its like alternate realities

ND: You could say that See I have deduced that we are actually created in another canon by a writer on a website and so this reality we are living in is one of many ways our story is heading in diffrent canons created by those who continue the story in many ways through their comments on the web post

N: So I got rejected from the Superpoweed School

ND: Oh thats too bad

N: So there could be a canon where I dont get rejected

ND: Uhhh thats entirely possible

N: Yippee

(N runs to the Canon Connector and gets in the seat)

ND: No dont it isn't finished

But Nathaniel got into the machine, hit some buttons, and off he went into another canon.

What will happen next? 


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Noooo, this thread is dying! Come, thread! Let's rise to the top of the ridiculously long RP list!

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I agree! I would write a post, but I'm kind of busy making a claymation video for my character's 25 "Anniverery" edition story, which will happen in four weeks.

Maybe I will write a post later. 



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I don't want it to die either, but I can't write the next one so...

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Why not?

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I'm waiting for Theo to write what happens next. I'm not sure where to take from Brooke writhing on the ground in pain. It sounds like I should, but...

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Theo wrote what happens next.

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Claymation rocks!

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@ Theo,

You mentioned on another thread once, (can't remember which) a book about superheros that I was intrigued by. What was it called and who's the author? Just curios. I want to find it at the library.

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Okay, so, I'll now write the next post in reply to Theo's latest! Let's see, Brooke's unconcious so...

Brooke ~

I wasn't sure how long I'd been out, but it didn't seem like long. I woke to John gently taking my pulse, evidently making sure I'm still alive. I blinked my eyes open. The sky was still dark, but everything else was still rather hazy. I vaguely made out two objects in the sky. One I thought was Nathaniel. That made sense, since he discovered he could fly. But the other looked like Geovanni, which made no sense at all. Pain still coursed through my body, not as strongly as before. I could feel it weakening me internally even more. My breath was coming even slower, and keeping my eyes open became more difficult as well. John helped me sit up, and asked me what all had happened, but I was unable to speak. He looked around for cover, knowing we couldn't make it far. Kids still were running in panic. Some were watching the spectacle in the sky, debating whether to stay and see if they could help, or run. He spied a dark alley several building down, and helped up. Together we managed to duck down behind a dumpster, but continued watching Nathaniel. He had evidently quickly gotten the hang of flying, for he was doing some pretty creative moves so fast he managed to even impress Brooke, which, frankly, isn't easy. The two evaded each other, Giovanni chasing, Nathaniel ducking away at the last second. I had come to the conclusion that Giovanni had a jet pack, which gave him much less versitility than Nathaniel. But then...


I know, I know, I keep leaving it at cliffhangers! Sorry! Cappie says ople. I know, you don't believe me either Cappie. Sigh.


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