Spontaneous RP! 

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Spontaneous RP! 

Spontaneous RP! 


Sometimes I feel like we get so caught up in the developement and rules of a RP that it dies before we even make it very far (I know that's happened to me...Combat Cliff RPG, Griffinfeather RPG the first...and more). 

So, let's just do some writing.

two rules.

1. Put forth your absolute best. Even if it's not going to be published or maybe no one else but me will read it. It's good for your writing. Trust me.

2. Make sure everything lines up! Mostly!! Inserting random flying unicorns is okay, but killing a character off and then making them reappear might be a little confusing.

If you are still confuzzled, check out this thread to see what I mean: 


just make up a character and join the story. You can be a character I've mentioned or somebody new. My characters are Pheonix and Carlena. 


Without further ado, let us begin.



"Carlena scratched at the wall's smooth surface, her heart pounding so loud she could hardly think. The dark rectangle seemed to close in around her, pressing in on all sides; squeezing her lungs flat and yanking away all the oxygen. The air was hot and sizzling with frusteration and fear. Throwing herself against the wall, Carlena melted onto the floor. She was stuck. Enclosed in a horrible crystal box while her own dear sister, Caroll, was set on destroying Jewel Academy. All she could do was sit here, helpless and terrified out of her wits, while Caroll did away with everything she worked towards. Carlena tried to take a calming breath and found she could not breath. The walls were closing in...her eyes whirled crazily around the shadows; searching for an exit. If Cassey doesn't get the children out of the academy in time, they'll all... Carlena let out a frusterated gasp of despiration. Oh come on, Carlena! You can't let a little claustrophobia defeat you, girl! She said to herself. The spunky Galaxy Witch sat up slowly and brushed back the gigantic bush of chalk-white, ankle length hair from her damp forehead. Carlena then—"


"Pheonix! Jaihra's on the phone!" My older sister called from downstairs. 

"COMING!" I yelled back, dropping The Charming Adventures of Carlena the Galaxy Witch to the floor. Galexia looks up at me in surprise from her nest of pillows on the floor, her eyes clouded, obviously still deep inside the story.

"But...that's not fair! Nixie!" My little sister moans, "What happens to Carlena? What happens to the seven sisters and the academy?" 

"You're just going to have to find out next time!" I say with a wink. Galexia shakes her head furiously, sending her fluffy brown pigtails into a frenzy, 

"It's not fair that I don't get to see what happens next because you wanna go talk to your giiiiirlfriend," she says angrily. On the last word, an evil smile begins to curl on her lips. I stop half-way to the door.

"Jaihra is NOT my girlfriend. And we have very important things to talk about," I retort hotly before rushing out of Galexia's frilly, pink bedroom and down the stairs, taking the story book with me. The wood steps creak under my feet as I race down, nearly slipping on the last one.

"Yeah, Jaihra, he's coming," I hear my 21-year-old sister, Andromeda, say, Rounding the corner, I can see her leaning against the counter in a red tank top and shorts, her long brown hair in a messy braid over one shoulder. She has my phone tucked between her hear and shoulder while she casually flips through pages of her sketchbook, twirling a bright blue pencil with her free hand.

"I'm here!" I yell breathlessly in her face. 

"Took you long enough," she says, rolling her eyes and handing over the phone, "go take your chatting upstairs. You two 'll talk my ears off. Upstairs!" She commands, pointing her pencil. 

"Hi Jaihra!" I greet into the phone.

"Hi Pheonix! Ummm...are you alone??" She asks cautiously, "I have an update on...you know...project Milky Way Sorceress and...uh...the Precious Stone School," she hints not-so-subtly. 

"Yeah, just a sec," I answer, dashing back upstairs to my room and bouncing onto my bed. 

"Okay! Shoot!" I exclaim, tossing down the story book beside me. It flips open to the title page; which is covered with words I'm glad Galexia can't read yet. 

For my nephew, Pheonix. I hope you enjoy my charming adventures!!! Please keep in mind that these are all absolutely true and my heroism was not exagerated in the least. Hope that you can soon join me in Jewel Academy! Once you set out on your journey to find it, that is. 

xoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3

Your Aunt Carlena, the spunky Galaxy Witch 

P.S. do not show this to anyone or I may have to incenerate them. 


I let the book cover slide closed. Yeah, Galaxia, we do have important things to talk about. 


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I have never done this before, but I am intruigued.


" Raja, please step forward."  I hear the grand elder call to me. I step forward, lime green ears tail catching in the sunlight. I look at my bright red gloved hands, my dark knuckles showing through the gloveds which are attatched to neon yellow sleeves, with a sky blue croptop, and turcoise lehggings, with brown boots. He touches my lilac hair with a old and caloused hand and says, " You will be going to Jewel Academy, be wise young one. Our kind has not been outside of the Terram of our sanctum for years, we do not know what threats we face."

" I will do my best to keep the peace, Grandfather Elder."

" That's my girl," he smiles, a near toothless smile, while her smile is full and streches to her cheekbones. 


Later, sitting in her Arbor, her bags packed, she whispers, her neon pink eyes shining, " This is it, I am going home, Iuris." She says into a faded picture, of a woman with white hair holding hands with a man with bright green hair, black ears and tail, which she tucks, delicatly into a frame and then into her bag...


Sorry, I let my imagination run wild... Hope this is what you wanted! Lol my capcha is 'oahg' sounds like a war chant XD.

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Yes! This is excactly what I was going for! Thanks for joining me on this crazy train! 

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Just a question -- what time era is this in?  Just wondering because stuff is happening in mine and I'm assuming it's modern.


"Samantha Christine Corey!" a voice rang throughout Sam's house.

Joseph and Sierra looked at her.  "Coming, Mom!" Sam called back, hurring out of the card game, whispering, "If I'm gone too long, skip my turn."

"Quickly please!" Sam's Mom yelled.  Sam scrambled down the hall, nearly slipping on Tally's skateboard and stepping on Oliver's toys.  She rushed down the stairs, and nearly ran into her mother with her hands on her hips.

"Sorry, Mom.  What is it?" Sam asked.

"Samantha." her mom's voice seemed flat, almost angry.  "You were gone for two days last week.  You didn't even come home.  We were worried."

Sam almost laughed.  "You were worried?  What about Danni?  And Ollie?  They're more important than me.  They've always been more important than me.  Joe, Sierra, and Tally can take care of themselves.  But you've always got your hands full with Danni and Oliver."

"That's not true.  When your father gets back I'll have more time to spend with the older of you," her mom replied.

Sam crossed her arms.  That's a lie.  A lie, Sam thought.  Their father had been gone for two years.  Oliver was barely old enough to remember him.  "Let's get back to why I'm here.  Why I was gone for two days."

"Yes.  About that.  Where were you?"

Sam didn't want to tell her.  She'd be upset that she spent two days at Jack's house with Clarissa.  She'd be even more upset to hear that it was Jack's sister that took care of them.  But she said it anyway, and watched the look on her mother's face turn sour.  


"It's fun to hang out with someone other than my siblings."

"Well, at least tell someone!" her mom yelled again.  Sam turned and looked at the door.  Before her mom could react, she ran to the door and threw it open.  She ran out.  She turned, and caught one last look at her mother before running away. 

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No idea. I'm gonna assume...slightly futuristic? Y'all can just make it up as we go along. 

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(April 3, 2018 - 4:44 pm)

Does anyone want Jaihra as a character? If not, I can RP as her and Pheonix and leave Carlena as a nebulous charrie. 


"Okay, what's your info?" I ask Jaihra excitedly as I slam shut the cover of The Charming Adventures of Carlena the Galaxy Witch and switch the phone to a compfortable position.

"I...I have the first half of the map to the academy."

"WHAT?" I explode, "No way! I mean THIS IS HUGE! Finally! How on earth did you get it?" 

"I hacked into the files of an official moving through the Common Area this morning while I was hiding in a bush. It was just a hunch...but he had a very strong aura of Galexial Magic. I knew it was the right person to hack as soon as I broke through the first security wall on his Byte*. A blue diamond signal showed up on my Byte and some really wierd security popped up that I had to navigate through. There was a ton of stuff on there. My main focus was on the map, but I downloaded a couple others, one sec, let me see..." Jaihra explains, her voice drifting away from the phone at the last part. I wai in agony for what feels like 20 whole minutes.

"Okay," Jaihra's voice pops up through the phone once more, "yeah, here's the first half of the map—"

"SEND IT TO ME!" I interupt.

"I'm getting there!" She continues, "and get this. Seems like I also downloaded the names and basic info of ALL THE SEVEN SISTERs," Jaihra finishes triumphantly.

"NO WAY!" I exclaim.

"Way. There was just one thing..." her voice changes suddenly, "it was almost like the official...wanted me to get the information right off his Byte." 

"Ha! You can't be serious? Why would you think that? Didn't you just say he had a lot of unusual and difficult security?"

"Yeah, it was just...maybe I'm imagining it. I'm sure I'm imagining it. But hey, we got the map and info on the 7 immortal sisters, including your mom!"  

My heart gives an uncompfortable leap. This information is stunning and maybe at last could set me on my long-overdue journey to Jewel Academy. But do I really want to know this information? Something deep and dark whispers. Do I want to know the truth about my magical aunts—and my Mom? 

My Mom.

My immortal, magical Mom who kept all this from us for 10 years, and then suddenly left without a trace, leaving us and Dad alone for five years. That is, until Dad got an urgent message from her a two weeks ago and left right away. He promised to be back the next day, with Mom, safe and sound. But he didn't came back, leaving me more alone then I've ever felt in my life. That's why I had to tell Jaihra about the whole thing. Please understand, Aunt Carlena. I had to tell Jaihra. She's special—not like ordinary humans. 

The worst part?

I haven't even told my siblings about the storybook and letter that appeared on my pillow one afternoon when I got home from school. Galexia just thinks its a storybook. I wish it was. But I know it's all true. I can feel it. 

"Are you still there?" Jaihra questions, bringing me back to reality "helllo? Heellooooooo?"

"I'm here!" I answer quickly.

"Okay, I was just saying that I sent you the files to look at. Pheonix, this is awesome! We can go to the academy now!"

"You mean...I can go to the academy," I correct, feeling like a heavy weight just attached itself to my feet, dragging me down to the floor. 

"Just you? No. No! No was, Pheonix! Who has been staking out the Transmit Tower, Common Area, and Flight Port for two weeks straight looking for answers for you? Who believed everything crazy you said to me about your mom and your family even though it was crazy? Who just got the info you need right now? I'm coming!" Jaihra is practically yelling into the phone now. I yank it away from my ear.

"Jai, I want you to come. It's just...Jewel Academy is for special...unearthly people. And I wouldn't want my aunt to incenerate you or anything."

"What?" She retorts, "I'm not afraid of your wacko magic aunt. And also, I can't be a normal human. Pheonix, I can see other people's auras! I can tell if they've been around Galexial Magic! No other human can do that!"

"Okay, I just don't know what—" I begin, but she interupts.

"Hang on, my friend Sam...er, Samantha," she corrects quickly, "is at the door. I'll be right back."


She hangs up.

I put my head in my hands. 


*handheld (or attached to clothing) computer-like device that keeps a person's personal information, data, and files that may be tradeable with rogue Nebula-Mappers and Info Markets across the galaxy. 

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AAaaaaah I just wrote so much info about the Galaxy Witches, Jewel Academy, and the Seven Immortal Sisters, but my computer stopped working right as I tried to post it! Just know that I don't mean to be vague and weird about these clearly made-up terms I've tossed around, my definitions just got scrambled!!! I hope I can type them up again soon! And thanks for joining me on this, y'all. 

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(April 3, 2018 - 8:39 pm)

By the way, I've had this character for at least two years and I love her to no end.  I made everything about her up before I saw this RP so don't think I'm adding suff just to add stuff.  It's all pre-made.



I balance a ball of pale blue light on the top of my second finger until I hear the door in front of me unlock.  I press the magic into the palm of my hand and put it down before Jihara opens the door.

"Hi, Jihara," I say to her.

"Sam, how'd you get here?" she asks me, and I grin.

"I ran!"

"It's not healthy to run two miles to your friend's house.  You run away from home again?"

"Yep!  My mom was mad at me because I stayed at my other friend's house for two days and she was 'worried'."  I put air-quotes around the word "worried."

"Well, she probably was."

"I'm only loved because I'm amongst beloved things." It's a quote from somewhere.  I can't remember where I got it from, but I related to it.

"Anyway, come in."

I walk into her house, wondering whether she can tell I'm hiding something.  She's always been that kind of person that way.  "Can I stay here for a while?  I don't want to sleep outside tonight."

"Uh, okay, sure," she says.  I can tell there's something she's hiding too.  A secret.  Maybe it's time to tell someone mine.

"Can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure.  What do you need?"

I sit down on the couch and lace my fingers.  "You have to promise you won't tell anyone.  Can you do that for me?"

"Yes." She answers almost immediately, to my surprise.

I open my hands and cup them.  A ball of pale blue light appears in it, and I watch Jihara's eyes widen. 


Sorry to leave it on a bit of a cliffhanger.  Just don't want to control Jihara's reaction. 

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Would it be ok if I used Jaihra? If not, that's totally ok.

Also, Lucy, I hoped I read the context of your post right! 


My eyes widened. Cupped in Sam's hand was magic. Pure, galexial, magic. I always had a suspision. Sometimes you could make out a faint light blue aura around her, especially when she was happy.

"How long have you known?"

"A while now I guess." She gave me an excited smile. "Do you think I can find the academy?"

I thought about the half of the map. I looked at Sam, her excited expression. I know I was being selfish, but I couldn't help but be jealous. More than anything, I wished that I had magic. Seeing all my friends with magic, it felt like I was alone. I pinched myself. Come ON Jaihra. Keep it positive. You ARE going to go to the academy. I sighed.

"I may have found half of a map to the Academy."

"No WAY!!" Sam glowed with happiness, and she was surrounded by a faint light blue aura. "Well we have to go, it's been our dream. And you know half of the way!"

"The three of us, Phoenix, me and you. We could figure it out." 

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Oh my Gandalf! That's perfect! Thanks for RPing as her! 

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(April 5, 2018 - 2:29 pm)

I woke up falling. At first it was nice and peaceful watching the ground fall up to me. Then I got worried. 

I'm going to DIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Soon I start falling faster and faster and faster. Until I hit the ground with a giant whump. I lay there groaning. Everything hurts. 

Oops! Sorry about the giant smoking crater. Just falling randomly from the sky. Won't happen again!

Then I black out. When I come to I find myself once more in the crater. I slowly get up and notice I have wings coming out my back.

I think I'm going into shock. People don't have wings. Or do they? Where am I anyway?

I flick them and then fold them against my back. I climb out of the crater I made and look around. I'm in some sort of forest. I look around. Soon I see some weird lights glowing above the trees. I start walking towards them.


BTW my charrie's a farie. She doesn't remember anything though. And I was thinking that perhaps she was a student at the Jewel Acadamy and was sent down to help them? Tell me what you think!  

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Yay! Splendid! That sounds great, Moonfrost. If anyone else wants to play one of the 7 Sisters, they can. I made anime avatars for each of them that I can post later. For now, here are those files. 


<Translated from Common Code> 

Logging into: Jaihra Trey's Byte (Student4389_JaihraTrey) 


Password:  ibelieveinfaries


3 Files transfered from Byte: Official3401_BroderickHayes, security unidentifyable to Byte: Student4389_JaihraTrey, security RedFireWall 200 (orignal program).

Program used: JaiTreyhacks:) 

Warning: Program cannot be matched on the list of over 28,4000 legetitmate programs. May be illegal/harmful to device. 

File 1: Jewel Academy, the Journey, part 1 A map



File 2: Galexial Magic, a short documentation, by Various Tarrem Sanctum Historians. 

*Section highlighted, Chapter 1.5: Origin of Galexial Magic*

"Galexial Magic originated in Star System WhiteLigth in the year 2039. It was released when a star called Lure exploded, beginning a strange series of chain reactions which could only be attributed to magic. Scientists speculate that the star must have been completely comprised of magic. During the explosion, a good ammount of magic fell to the planet Orptha, which was then uninhabited. 15 years later, the Galexy Witches established Jewel Academy there."

*Section highlighted, Chapter 25.9: The Seven Immortal Sisters*

"No one knows the exact circumstance regarding the origination of the Seven Immortal Sisters. Supposedly, they are beings with immense power through Galexial Magic and never age. The sisters all completely different in appearance and personality, so that some would speculate that they couldn't possibly be blood related. Each sister is related to a different color which naturally colors their eyes and hair and, in a way, displays their personality. Magic, however, is known to work in interesting ways. Four of the sisters called themselves Galexy Witches. They established Jewel Academy (see chapter 56.2) to guide other young magical beings. They are seen as good witches by the majority of cityzens but the minority of government officials and leaders. One of these original witches dropped of the radar 21 years ago. She has not been seen since. The other three sisters took up different eternal occupations. One travels around to different systems, helping any in need. Another disappeared and her status is unkown. The last and most dangerous of the 7 sisters is sworn to evil and a massive threat to all. 

*Section highlighted, chapter 56.2 Jewel Academy and the Galexy Witches*

Jewel Academy is a school for magical beings established on planet Orptha and run by Carlena, the head Galexy Witch. It is described as "dangerous," "surreal" and "magical." It is said that Jewel Academy can only be reached through a special journey, and once the new students begin their schooling, then they are immediately pushed through difficult training and later sent on dangerous missions. While some still doubt that Jewel Academy still exists, others have began to fight against this organization. Anyone suspected of being near or practicing Galexial Magic is now in danger of arrest or even banishment to star system 003, the most feared and dreaded punishment of all. Some small parts of space still accept that some of their inhabitants might be affected by Galexial Magic or chosen to begin the journey to Jewel Academy, but new laws are passed every day banning this type of behavior all over multiply galaxies. 


File 3: Status of the 7 Immortal sisters

The status of the 7 Immortal Sisters in age order.

1. Catherina. Status: Galexy Witch. Color: black. Other: teaches at Jewel Academy. Often refered to as "the Wisest Witch."

2. Carlena. Status: Galexy Witch. Color: white. Other: headmistress of Jewel Academy. Self-proclaimed " the Spunky Galexy Witch."

3. Caroll. Status: Unknown. Color: purple. Other: dangerous threat to the universe! 

4. Chastice. Status: Disappeared 21 years ago. Color: yellow. Other: retired Galexy Witch.

5.  Cindie. Status: Rogue. Color: blue. Other: unknown. 

6. Cassey. Status: Galexy Witch. Color: red. Other: teaches at Jewel Academy. Refered to as "The Whimsical Witch."

7. Chassidy. Status: Unknown. Color: green. Other: supposedly travels around the universe helping others.

Files Downloading complete. Sent to Byte: Student3856_PheonixStarz 

Battery low.

Powering off... 



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(April 4, 2018 - 12:09 pm)

This is what my charrie looks like.



I hear a pebble hit my window, I look out and a splatter of mud hit my face. I see my ex standing under the window, grinning at me. " HEY NERD!" He shouts, " heard you were accepted into that crackpot school 'Jewl academy'."

" This is why I dumped you. You only care for yourself, you unpresidented prick." I shoot back, slamming the window shut, I step down the ladder into my basement, which had some tunnels conceled under hangings. I steped under one of the sea and crawled out under a bush into the forest. I see a girl with wings walking too my house, looking confused.

" Hello?" She asks.

I jump out, screeching," YOU'RE A FAIRY!"  I coo over her lovely wings as she stares in udder shock and dissaray.

" W-what, NO! I'm a person... I think." She scrunches up her nose, as she does and I howl with laughter. Eyes worried she looks up at me, "W-what is it?!" 

" Nothi- Wait, Is that a Byte? From JEWL ACADWEMY?!?!"


Cliffhanger, I wanted moonfrost's consent before I continued... my capcha was her Ex's name EXACTLT "Onuk" ADMINS, THIS IS AMAZING :D

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This sounds so fun! Rose bud, am I allowed to roleplay as Galexia, Phoenix's little sister?

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(April 5, 2018 - 8:02 pm)

Of course! That'd be great! Y'all are allowed to RP as anyone who hasn't been spoken for! :) 

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(April 5, 2018 - 8:54 pm)