Spontaneous RP! 

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Spontaneous RP! 

Spontaneous RP! 


Sometimes I feel like we get so caught up in the developement and rules of a RP that it dies before we even make it very far (I know that's happened to me...Combat Cliff RPG, Griffinfeather RPG the first...and more). 

So, let's just do some writing.

two rules.

1. Put forth your absolute best. Even if it's not going to be published or maybe no one else but me will read it. It's good for your writing. Trust me.

2. Make sure everything lines up! Mostly!! Inserting random flying unicorns is okay, but killing a character off and then making them reappear might be a little confusing.

If you are still confuzzled, check out this thread to see what I mean: 


just make up a character and join the story. You can be a character I've mentioned or somebody new. My characters are Pheonix and Carlena. 


Without further ado, let us begin.



"Carlena scratched at the wall's smooth surface, her heart pounding so loud she could hardly think. The dark rectangle seemed to close in around her, pressing in on all sides; squeezing her lungs flat and yanking away all the oxygen. The air was hot and sizzling with frusteration and fear. Throwing herself against the wall, Carlena melted onto the floor. She was stuck. Enclosed in a horrible crystal box while her own dear sister, Caroll, was set on destroying Jewel Academy. All she could do was sit here, helpless and terrified out of her wits, while Caroll did away with everything she worked towards. Carlena tried to take a calming breath and found she could not breath. The walls were closing in...her eyes whirled crazily around the shadows; searching for an exit. If Cassey doesn't get the children out of the academy in time, they'll all... Carlena let out a frusterated gasp of despiration. Oh come on, Carlena! You can't let a little claustrophobia defeat you, girl! She said to herself. The spunky Galaxy Witch sat up slowly and brushed back the gigantic bush of chalk-white, ankle length hair from her damp forehead. Carlena then—"


"Pheonix! Jaihra's on the phone!" My older sister called from downstairs. 

"COMING!" I yelled back, dropping The Charming Adventures of Carlena the Galaxy Witch to the floor. Galexia looks up at me in surprise from her nest of pillows on the floor, her eyes clouded, obviously still deep inside the story.

"But...that's not fair! Nixie!" My little sister moans, "What happens to Carlena? What happens to the seven sisters and the academy?" 

"You're just going to have to find out next time!" I say with a wink. Galexia shakes her head furiously, sending her fluffy brown pigtails into a frenzy, 

"It's not fair that I don't get to see what happens next because you wanna go talk to your giiiiirlfriend," she says angrily. On the last word, an evil smile begins to curl on her lips. I stop half-way to the door.

"Jaihra is NOT my girlfriend. And we have very important things to talk about," I retort hotly before rushing out of Galexia's frilly, pink bedroom and down the stairs, taking the story book with me. The wood steps creak under my feet as I race down, nearly slipping on the last one.

"Yeah, Jaihra, he's coming," I hear my 21-year-old sister, Andromeda, say, Rounding the corner, I can see her leaning against the counter in a red tank top and shorts, her long brown hair in a messy braid over one shoulder. She has my phone tucked between her hear and shoulder while she casually flips through pages of her sketchbook, twirling a bright blue pencil with her free hand.

"I'm here!" I yell breathlessly in her face. 

"Took you long enough," she says, rolling her eyes and handing over the phone, "go take your chatting upstairs. You two 'll talk my ears off. Upstairs!" She commands, pointing her pencil. 

"Hi Jaihra!" I greet into the phone.

"Hi Pheonix! Ummm...are you alone??" She asks cautiously, "I have an update on...you know...project Milky Way Sorceress and...uh...the Precious Stone School," she hints not-so-subtly. 

"Yeah, just a sec," I answer, dashing back upstairs to my room and bouncing onto my bed. 

"Okay! Shoot!" I exclaim, tossing down the story book beside me. It flips open to the title page; which is covered with words I'm glad Galexia can't read yet. 

For my nephew, Pheonix. I hope you enjoy my charming adventures!!! Please keep in mind that these are all absolutely true and my heroism was not exagerated in the least. Hope that you can soon join me in Jewel Academy! Once you set out on your journey to find it, that is. 

xoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3

Your Aunt Carlena, the spunky Galaxy Witch 

P.S. do not show this to anyone or I may have to incenerate them. 


I let the book cover slide closed. Yeah, Galaxia, we do have important things to talk about. 


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I'm so sorry I hanen't been posting!! I'm getting over a cold (Seriousy! Who gets a cold in spring?!?!). I'll try and do a real post tomorrow.

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All waiting on you, Moonfrost, WE BIELIEVE!!!! (('scuse my spelling)

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Since no one's been posting... I guess I'll post! But first... *goes back and reads the past few posts* ah, so that's what's been happening! Let's see what Galexia has to say about all of this... Sorry, it's getting late, so this will probably be pretty short.

~ Galexia ~

"Nixie!" I yell again, unbuckling all the the seatbelts I had strapped tightly around myself as fast as I could. Raja pulls him back onboard, and Phoenix pouts.

"Okay..." Jaihra starts. I sigh in relief; Jaihra will have everything under control, "We need a plan."

Lyra, Sam, and I nod. Saphira and Phoenix don't seem to be paying too much attention; they're gazing out the window with a glossy expression. The new boy is in a corner, doing nothing. And Raja still has her eyes on Phoenix, like she's scared he'll try to jump out the window any second. And, knowing Phoenix, I wouldn't put it past him to do something like that. I involuntarily move a few steps closer to him.

"What kind of plan?" Sam asks.

Jaihra looks at Saphira, "Saphira. Saphira?" She claps her hands in front of the girl's face. Saphira blinks, "Huh?"

"You're from here! Can you tell us anything about this place?"

Saphira looks outside, clears her throat, and begins to talk.


Let's let Saphira decide how she wants to describe fairyland!

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"Fairy Land is a dangourous place, expesilly if you're stuck on the ground. Also you aren't technaiclly alouded here but you should be allright if you stick with me. That means NO RUNNING OFF! Most things here are illusions. Harmless plants are really carniviours and cute bunnies are evil. Trust me, the bunnies are the worst." I say.

They look at me with confussed and slightly scared faces. 

Bunnies? Really? They seem to think.

"But! We're in a good spot here, it's just a few miles to the nearest town. Of course that would be if you're flying...and I stink at math so I don't know how far it would be to walk. And here's a secret hint about figureing out if something's dangourous or not! Most of the time the carnivourous plants will stink like rotting meat. But some of them don't so I'll be careful all the same." I say, "Also! We should get going now, all the magic in the air is likely to make the ship melt or explode...not sure witch."  


Hope y'all like it! You can do your own reactions, just be careful of those evil bunnies! ;) 

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Okay, i'm on vacation right now, so I'm going to write one BIG post to cover all of vacation and then I'll write again later. You have been forewarned. 


"The magic in the air is likely to make the ship melt or explode...not sure which," Saphira states calmly. For a second we all just look at each other. Then Dathan bursts out:

"Explode? If you explode this ship I'll—" but he is broken off as pretty much everyone begins to scream.

"Explode? Oh my gosh, will it be big? Will it burst open?" I question, jumping up and down. This is seriously the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me.

After a few frenzied moments, we all tumble out the front hatch and roll into a bed of wildflowers. I scramble to my feet and grab Galexia around the waist, pulling her away from danger. I take off running, Galexia in tow. The others crowd around me, tripping over each other in panic. Right as we start to scramble up a small, grassy rise, the ship begins to glow red. 


"Right. It'll explode," Saphira says. 

"MY SHIP!" Dathan exclaims. Then, with a sudden boom, the ship bursts apart, to quickly to see. I can feel the ring of force radiate out from the ship, then breaking as it hits me and the others. I slam into the side of the hill, coughing and blinking away the smoke.

The noise of the explosion rings in my ears.  

I reach down beside me, and feel two fluffy pigtails.

Yup, all is well.

For a few seconds, we all just continue sitting there, stunned. In front of us, the beautiful spacecraft lies broken on the ground, blasted into two sections. A thick cloud of black smoke pours from the engine, which is surrounded by a ring of shrapnel.

"That was awesome!" I yell, standing up to get a better look at the wreckage. 

"Are you kidding? The ship was your idea!" Jaihra answers, but she doesn't look too mad. I've seen her mad. This is definitely not mad. "You could've gotten us killed. SEVERAL times. And now we're without a home base in a hostile fairyland of carnivorous plants and evil bunnies." 

I can't help but laugh out loud at the evil bunnies thing. I mean seriously.

"I know! This is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me!" I answer, taking this oppertunity to begin a hunt for carnivorous plants. I reach out and pluck one of the wildflowers. It doesn't try to eat me. Too bad. I reach for another one. As I begin to break it's stem, the smell of rotten meat fills the air. The delicate yellow petals suddenly sprout teeth and try to bite off my hand. Just before the pointed teeth bite flesh, the flower is swatted out of my hand.

Raja stands in front of me, hands on hips.

"What are you? Five?" She asked. I mimic her pose.

"Thirteen, actually. I'll be fourteen in...4 months...ish."   

"Then please act your age! We're on an important mission." As she rests her arm back down by her side, I notice a streak of blood running down the underside of her arm.

"Wait a second, you're bleeding," I state, grabbing her shoulder. 

"Yeah," she replies, jerking away, "it's okay."

"No, it's not." I reach my fingers out again, brushing against the cut. Something about the way she winces when I touch the flecks of blood dotting her tanned skin makes me feel a strange hurting, bitter hopelessness that isn't my own. 

"Here." I don't exactly know what I'm doing, but I kind of want to share the energy that keeps me going. So I do. Just like that. This is so weird. I can literally feel it buzzing around me. Kind of cool and calm and...yellowish. Like the bright, smooth skin of a lemon.

When I look up, a faint smile is ghosted across Raja's face. The deep cut is clearly still there. It hasn't healed or anything, but Raja seems lighter, as if a heavy backpack was just cut from her shoulderes. 

"How'd you do that? It doesn't hurt at all anymore."  Before I can answer, Saphira calls,

"Hey! Stop using magic! It'll attract man-eating squirrels!"

"Man-eating...?" Raja finishes with an unbelieving laugh and walks off towards the others. I follow.

"So," Jaihra is saying, "if we can find a safe camp somewhere around here, and take a look at the map on my Byte, could you portal is to the next stop right away?" 

"Sorry," Saphira answers, "portaling the whole airship and everyone on it here used up a lot of my energy. I can still preform smaller spells, but I won't be able to portal everyone to the next place for a little while. Until then, we won't be safe out here. Fairyland is a little more dark and dangerous than it is commonly portrayed. We need to get to the nearest city before dark, then we'll rest for a short while and I'll portal you to the next stop. Oh, and you can find the second half of the map is in fairland," Saphira finishes matter-of-factly.

"WHAT?" Jaihra and I burst out at the same time.

"Oh, oops. Was I not supposed to tell you? Well then. Spoiler alert! The final half of the map can usually be found here. Somewhere." 

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I smile as we walk through the woods, feeling myself relaxing as the magic of FairyLand fills the air. I let myself relax, feeling my wings come out and I shrink to normal size. I do a flip in mid-air.

"Do you even now where we are?" Raja asks me.

"Nope!" I say, "I'll be back, try not to do anything dangours while I'm gone." 

I flap my wings harder until I'm shooting through the branches into teh clear blue sky. I look around until I have a good plan mapped out in my head. Sundenly I hear a ringing noise shocked I pull out my phone.

"Hello? Saphira?" Mom says.

"Hi Mom." I replie weakly, I knew what was going to happen next.

"HI!?!? Just hi?!?! Saphira it's been over a hundred years!?! Why didn't you call sooner? It took me ages to find the phone. I've been worried sick after I heard what happened to Jewel Academy! Why didn't you call me sooner?" 

"I've been a bit busy, I found some new students and I'm taking them to the school now."

"Where are you anyway? I like to now where my baby is." 

"I'm in FairyLand." 

"WHAT?!?! I'll send----"

"Please don't! It's so embarasing." 

"Bye honey! I'll see you soon!"

I groan, feverly hoping she hasn't sent the royal ensemble to escort me home. I shoot down to where I left everyone and join them in the forest.

"What took you so long?" Sam asks.

"Hehe... my mom called." I say, "Anyway! We're on the right track. We'll get to Abiete soon." 


Mwa haa haa haa haaaaaaaa! Saphira forgot to mention that she's royalty. Daughter of the king and queen of FairyLand.  

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~ Galexia ~

Saphira returns and puts away her phone, saying, "My mom called. Anyway! We're on the right track. We'll get to Abiete soon."

I'm sorely tempted to ask what--or where--in the world "Abiete" is, but I'm afraid that once I ask one question, all the other ones will spill out... and judging from the excited buzz of energy coming from everyone, as if we're on the right track to... something. This "map"? Something to do with "magic"? Mom? Andromeda? My heart twists as I think about my carefree older sister. Was she alright? Was she in the clutches of the Officials? I winced at the thought, desperately hoping she was alright.

So I remain silent as I walk along with the others. We must have walked for about 15 minutes when I hear silver bells and golden trumpets blasting a merry tune in the air.

"What's that?" Lyra asks.

"Oh, no," I hear Saphira murmur as she puts a hand over her face, "Please, no."

"What is it?" Jaihra asks.

"Nothing, it's jus--" Saphira's reply is cut short by a small voice calling, "Your Highness!"

Saphira's face turns bright red, and she looks mortified, "Ugh."

A few men with wings land at our feet, each wearing an identical red uniform. One of them blasts a tune in his trumpet, then the one in the front says, "Princess Saphira! After a century, you have finally returned to us! Come, quickly, the grand banquet is ready!"

I turn and gape at Saphira. My eyes grow as wide as saucers. Maybe, just maybe, this crazy magic world of mayhem, will turn out well. I try to talk, but all that comes out is a tiny squeak. Saphira doesn't hear me.

"Please, just go away!"

"The Queen's orders, Princess! She's been dreadfully worried about Your Highness."

"Wait," I say, "Wait."

Everyone turns to look at me. I tug on one of my pigtails, and ask, 

"You're a fairy princess?"

Now, I like to think of myself as a rather sensible girl. At least, more sensible than my brother, who is probably double my age. But when it comes to princesses, especially fairy princesses, I tend to get a little excited.

"Erm..." Saphira looks a bit uncomfortable, "Yeah."

"Your Highness! Who are these intruders?"

"These are the... um, honored guests. Bring them to the palace with me!"

"Yes, Princess!" The man replies again in his high-pitched voice. The whole bunch of men and Saphira fly up into the air. The rest of us look at each other uncomfortably, then Dathan states the obvious.

"We can't fly."


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As Saphira and the group of men take off into the air, I hesitate, glancing at the others. They share an awkward glance, and Dathan states uncomfortably, "...We can't fly."

"I could try and carry someone..." I offer. The others consider this. "Yeah, but several of us are probably too big, and we can only go one at a time... You could take Galexia at least." Phoenix runs a hand through his yellow-streaked hair. "They'll have to come back eventually, won't they?"

"Yeahh..." Sam mutters. Awkward silence hangs in the air, prickly and uncomfortable.  

Suddenly, Raja points over to the left at a line of glittering trees."Look!" Following her intent gaze, we see a small group of winged, horse-like creatures. Dathan looks doubtful. "Saphira said this place was dangerous..." Sam rolls her eyes. "Come on, they're like, pegasi. How dangerous can they be?" 

"Welp, guess we'll have to find out, won't we?" Phoenix grins.~ 

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I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Come on Galexia, OOOH! Let's go on the yellow one!!" Phoenix dragged a frightened Galexia to the butter yellow horse. 

"Noooooo. Galexia, you're coming with me." A much more responsible Sam scooped her up. Galexia clung to her tight. They climbed atop a violet Pegasus. Raja and Dathan were on a pale pink and red one. That left me with–

"Oooooh Jaihra, you get to be with me!"

"No thanks." I looked around, but the pale yellow Pegasus was the last one left. I climbed on reluctantly.

"FLY!" Shouted Phoenix. Our trusty steed simply stood there. Sam and Raja were deep in concentration. Sam and Galexia's horse was surrounded by a pale blue hue. Then, it gracefully cantered into the air. Lyra hovered, ready to save someone who fell. Raja and Dathan soon followed, their horse controlled by a green (I think) hue.

"Can you use your magic?"

"Oh, yeah!" Phoenix's eyes suddenly glowed bright yellow, and bright energy, like sunshine surrounded our horse, like that Greek myth about the sun. You may know that Phoenix has poor control over his abilities. The horse reared up and started galloping as fast as it could. Phoenix thought this was super fun. I was screaming bloody murder. I could barely see where the rest of our group was.

"Phoenix, go higher. They're above us!" The horse shot straight up into the air. I lost my balance and feel off.

As I was falling to my death, I made a menta note to never trust Phoenix ever again.

I heard a whoosh, and I was soon in the arms of a winged girl. Thank god for Lyra.

"Remind me to never let Phoenix control a moving thing I am on."

"No problem." Lyra glowed white, and Phoenix's sunshine yellow horse was now a pale moonlight white. At least Phoenix looked a little embarrassed as I was flown next to him.

"Sorry! It was an accident!"

"We should catch up to the rest of the people." We all headed toward the setting sun, where there was a large structure in the distance. 

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As the ship explodes, I am flung outward.  My ears ring as I look and see the others far away from me.  Did the force of the explosion really push me that far?  I don't have time to look because I suddenly realize how far up we were.

I flip onto my stomach as the gravity pulls harder on me, making me move so fast my eyes are almost squinted shut from the wind.  All I see below me is green trees dotted with the occasional bright color, probably a flower or fruit or something.  I flip back onto my back and panic for a moment.  I'm going to die.  I'm going to die.  I'm going to die, I think over and over.  Then I realize: I have magic.

I flip back onto my stomach to see that the ground is geting rapily closer to my face.  Before I dive into trees, I throw up a pale blue shield and as I hit the ground, the world goes black from the impact. 

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